If you are in Sin City and playing to one of its famous table game casinos, then you definitely should try baccarat. There are actually three potential outcomes here, it could be that:

In a game, it is the dealer who does much of the work.


To start, the dealer will be dealing out the cards face up. Every player and the banker (dealer) will get two cards each.

Whichever among the player is closest to “Nine” wins the round.

If you bet on the player’s hand and they are closer to nine, then the winnings are doubled of what you’ve bet.

Where to Bet?

If you place your bet on the banker’s hand and they win, then it pays 95% of your bet. By the time when the cards dealt exceeded 9, you need to add the 2 cards together and drop either one or two of them to get the value.

So for example, you have a hand of 9 and 6 which adds up to 15. With the first digit dropped, your total value will be 5. That is how simple to play this game.