Say for example that you’re playing poker live, then you definitely know what the pit is and why you should avoid it at all cost. However, before taking this literally, there have to be clarifications that have to be made.

If your goal is only to make profits from playing the game, then you shouldn’t be playing other casino games.

They’re designed and put in place strategically so they can win money from you and not the other way around.

Why has a Poker Room Then?

Having said that, there is so much fun to have when playing any of these games. There is a lot of poker players who’ve become broke simply because they’ve lost their focus and subsequently, their money as they play in the pit.

In case that you still don’t get it, majority of the casino establishments would earn less in poker rooms than with other parts of the casino. You may be wondering why they have a poker room at all if it could generate little profits. Well, one reason is that, it is still raking money, but it isn’t just as much as other areas of the floor.

The Real Score

But the primary reason here is, poker and poker rooms are used as a tool in funneling players to other available games. The casino does not care whether you’d win or lose when playing. All they want is to sit at blackjack tables or hit the slot machines during break.